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The Ultimate Top 6 Essentials for a Beach Wedding

June 13, 2017

The Ultimate Top 6 Essentials for a Beach Wedding

Is there anything as blissful as taking the vows by the seashore under the jewel-blue sky? With the sound of the waves rippling gently and the soothing air touching your face. Yes! The beach weddings are not just weddings but a whole new experience for the couple and the guests too. It is the much-needed summer getaway, a perfect mini vacation with all your beloveds. There are a lot of things to plan for an exciting wedding by the shore. We got you a checklist to plan your wedding by the beach.


  • Comfortable Footwear:

Heels are a complete No No for a beach wedding unless you are posing for outfit pictures. Every bride wishes to flaunt a pretty pair of sandals or stilettos but it will be really hard to wear them for a beach wedding as it might end up sinking into the sand. Flip Flops and smart sandals for men and women are a cool hit for beach parties. My Party Saver has some amazing pieces to choose from for a beach wedding.

  • Guests Apparel:

When drafting the invitations, make sure to let the guests know about the comfortable dress code. If it is a daytime wedding then a casual summery attire would be thumbs up, but if you have planned for a late evening event then something more formal would do. It can also get windy during the night. Therefore, carrying Luxury Pashmina for outdoor evening Events would be beneficial.


  • Daytime Wedding:

It is always recommended to carry out a beach wedding during daylight hours. Therefore, make sure to apply an SPF-50 sunscreen because obviously, you don’t want sunburn on your wedding day. Guests also need to make sure to apply a sunscreen rigorously under your makeup. Select flowers that can tolerate the daytime heat. Some options are orchids, lilies, succulents and avoid buying roses.

  • Wedding Gown:

Not all fabrics, designs work for a beach wedding. Always select a lighter fabric, which does not attract the sand, because it can be windy outside and select a smaller veil to make your outfit look less fussy in the photographs.

  • Natural Makeup and hairstyle:

Keep your makeup natural and dewy, because heavy makeup can look greasy under the sun. Also, the weather is breezy and you do not want your locks to be all over the face as you walk down the aisle or take the vows so make sure to keep your hair aside with the help of a fancy clip. It will be less annoying and fussy for you.

  • Sound and Mic system:

The beach wedding might have some external crowd, restaurants as well buzzing with people and of course, the weather is breezy. So, select a loud sound system so that the guests can easily hear you. You definitely don’t want the guests to miss out on the most special element of your wedding.


So, we just saw that beach weddings are not easy. But what if you get all the beach wedding essentials at one place? Exciting, right?  My Party Saver is an online store, which has all the necessities to plan any event possible. Choose from a range of flip-flops, Luxury Pashmina for Events, Welcome boxes and much more all at affordable prices. Visit for more information.