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8 Reasons Flip Flops are a Must Have at ANY Wedding (Says Weddings Experts!)

February 10, 2016 My Party Saver

 Planning a wedding?  On the fence about whether you should provide flip flops for your guests?  Well here's 8 reasons from Wedding experts telling you why Flip Flops are a "must have".  They're a small detail that goes a long way!  1.  Headed somewhere exotic?  International plans to wed? Trends follow lifestyles, not just what's in fashion.  In Style UK explains the "flip flops trend" has become a bonafide bridal tradition.  2.  Beach, sand and high heels do not mix.  A well known tip for a successful beach wedding is to provide guests flip flops so they don't have to go barefoot or trudge through...

MPS Tips: Guest comfort is key to a successful Wedding and can't afford to be overlooked!

June 22, 2015 My Party Saver

With the weather warming up and Summer around the corner, it's just about that time.  Wedding season!  Yay, right?  Maybe not for everyone.  Unfortunately, many future guests are ducking and dodging their mailbox, fearful they will be asked to attend another wedding which will be just like the last one they had to go to.  Sure, there is a basic "layout" weddings follow, there's no hiding that.  Ceremony, Cocktail Hour, Reception with dinner and dancing, and the Goodbyes.  As a a host, there are a few small, easy surprises you can give your guests which will make your wedding stand OUT! 1.  ...