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8 Reasons Flip Flops are a Must Have at ANY Wedding (Says Weddings Experts!)

February 10, 2016

8 Reasons Flip Flops are a Must Have at ANY Wedding (Says Weddings Experts!)

 Planning a wedding?  On the fence about whether you should provide flip flops for your guests?  Well here's 8 reasons from Wedding experts telling you why Flip Flops are a "must have".  They're a small detail that goes a long way! 

1.  Headed somewhere exotic?  International plans to wed? Trends follow lifestyles, not just what's in fashion.  In Style UK explains the "flip flops trend" has become a bonafide bridal tradition. 

2.  Beach, sand and high heels do not mix.  A well known tip for a successful beach wedding is to provide guests flip flops so they don't have to go barefoot or trudge through the sand.  One cute way to offer them is to provide a Shoe Valet where guests can exchange their shoes for flip flops.  They can be used for the entire trip.   

3.   Style Me Pretty, a popular wedding blog, consistently writes about this feature as one that always grabs their attention!  Check out these weddings featured within the last 2 months!  They have one thing in common - all the brides offered flip flops for their guests!
4.  Lauren Conrad thinks providing flip flops is such a cool idea, she did it herself at her wedding! 
5.   Plans to wed outside?  Flip flops are regarded as a "must have" addition to make a summer wedding enjoyable and memorable.   
6.  Shopping for wedding favors can be difficult.  Did you know Flip Flops have been consistently listed as one of the ONLY wedding favors guests will actually use?  Well, according to Pop Sugar, that they are!  
7.   Afraid guests will be glued to their seats during your reception?  Fear not!  Brides.Com shares how Flip Flops are the trick to keeping the dance floor full all night! 
8.  On a budget?  Who isn't?!  Flip flops are an easy way to pamper your guests without breaking the bank.  Exclusively Weddings reminds its readers Flip Flops can also double as a favor!