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MPS Tips: Guest comfort is key to a successful event and can't afford to be overlooked!

With the weather warming up and Summer around the corner, it's just about that time.  Wedding season!  Yay, right?  Maybe not for everyone.  Unfortunately, many future guests are ducking and dodging their mailbox, fearful they will be asked to attend another wedding which will be just like the last one they had to go to.  Sure, there is a basic "layout" weddings follow, there's no hiding that.  Ceremony, Cocktail Hour, Reception with dinner and dancing, and the Goodbyes.  As a a host, there are a few small, easy surprises you can give your guests which will make your wedding stand OUT!

1.    Think about your female guest's feet.  No, really think about it! We all know women are most likely to wear high heels to a formal event, such as a wedding.  And what percentage of wedding invites are women?  Statistics show approximately 70% of wedding invitations are extended to women, aged anywhere from 18 to 98.  So, let's keep those ladies happy!

Let's walk through this "wedding layout".  First there is the ceremony.  On goes a woman's heels long before she enters the ceremony to witness the vows.  Let's low estimate heel time at 1 hours before ceremony.  Let's add 1 hour for the ceremony.  Now we're at 2.  Head on over to cocktail hour for another hour of high heel wearing before even entering the reception.  And what makes for a memorable reception, a lot of dancing!  Those same women who have been wearing high heels for at least 3 hours will be asked to dance the night away for another 3 to 4 hours.  Why not make it easy on them?  Give them something to slip their feet into so they can discretely kick those heels off under the table and dance the night away in comfort.  Look around next time you're at an event.  Count how many women you see either sitting down complaining of achy feet or up dancing bare feet.  Neither are what a wedding needs!  Those sitting likely aren't enjoying themselves and those up with no shoes run the risk of slipping on water or even worse, stepping in glass.  Instead, place a display basket near the dance floor or in the bathroom, full with flip flops and invite your guests to kick off their heels and dance the night away!  

And what about those beach weddings?  Women trying to balance their stilettos as they tread on sand can be quite a feat.  Why not give your female guests a little comfort and ease her walk to her seat.  No matter the venue, your guests will love you for it. Plus, its a nice keepsake at the end of the night.  Who doesn't love an extra, free pair of flip flops?.  


2.      Remember.  Just because it is warm out when the wedding begins does not mean it will stay that way all day or night.  Especially if there an outdoor component.  The sun sets and those sleeveless dresses which seemed like a great idea suddenly don't feel so.  Stop your guests second guessing and give them the option of some additional heat!  Offering guests pashminas or shawls shows the host is thinking ahead and really cares about the guest feeling comfortable in any setting.  Thanks to you, a guest can enjoy a roof's view or the evening sea breeze without shivering.  It even doubles as a favor guests are sure to reuse.  Displaying the wraps is easy and just needs to be placed in a somewhat visible area and watch how fast they fly away!

3.     One of the things guests dread once the wedding is over is returning back to their hotel room, starving!  You know it always happens.  Dinner seems so far away after you've danced it off and added some beers to the mix.  Imagine how happy guests are when they remember their host greeted them with a welcome box full of treats for this very occasion!  Or those guests who have to get on the road early after the event who will sing your praises for their breakfast to go.  Your guests will thank you for thinking of them! 

Happy planning and remember to put yourself in the guest's shoes and think about what you would enjoy!