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These are some frequently asked questions:

Can I mix and match Organza bag colors?

Of course, these actually are some of our favorite orders. Mixing and matching colors allows you to really combine our products with your event theme. You can also match flip flop colors as well.  

How custom can the size tags be?

Our flip flop size tags are able to be fully customized with almost any and every phrase, logo or picture as long as it fits. Some common examples are your event hashtag, listing of the couples names or a short message to your guests.  

How quickly will my order arrive?

We ask for 3-4 weeks for delivery because each order is custom made, hand tied and hand checked. We ask for the event date to ensure we ship the product with plenty of time for your event. We offer rush options if you would like your order from 3 days to 14 days of ordering. 

What kind of flip flops do you use?

Our flip flops are classic flip flops found in everyday stores around the world (Old Navy, Macy's, etc). The exact specs are: 100% PVC with EVA outsole and a 9/16" sole, making them comfortable to be worn all night and many days after.

What size and quality are the Pashminas?

Our Pashminas are 5.5 feet long and 2 feet wide. They are made of top quality 30% Pashmina and 70% Silk which makes them luxurious and comfortable  

 Are you environmentally friendly?

Yes! We take great pride in our products being environmentally friendly. All of our boxes are made from recycled materials, our organza bags are green certified and we offset all of our shipping with carbon payments.

What sizes are the flip flops?

We know that the right sizes are very important and equally hard to find. That's why we make sure that in every order of 50 flip flops there are 20 size 10/11 (L); 20 size 8/9(M); 10 size 6/7(S). In our experience with this size breakdown you make sure that the most sought after sizes are there for your guest. 

Do I have to assemble the welcome boxes myself?

There is some assembly required, but we get you started.  The label and ribbon are already affixed, and all the contents are in the same shipping box.  There are simple instructions to follow included.  But look closely in your purchase, we did add a little gift for you (bribe a niece/nephew or little sister or brother) to help with the assembly

What if I want less than the minimum order quantity.

In our experience the minimum order is the perfect starting point for your event. We have found that any less tends to run out and we do not want any of your guest to miss out on any of our PartySavers. All of our products can double as a favor as well in case you have extra.

What if I'm not happy with my order?

We strive for 110% customer satisfaction and refuse to stop until it's reached.  If you are ever unsatisfied with your order contact us! We will work with you to quickly make sure your order is exactly as you wanted.

 If I refer a friend can I get a rebate or credit?

Absolutely!  We want to be friends with your friends and if you can help make that happen, we will give you the credit! We have both a rewards program as well as refer a friend program for every order your friends make.

Are these all the colors you offer?

Yes, for now.  We will be adding on to our catalog constantly so always check back though!

Can I substitute out one item in the welcome box for something else?

Unfortunately no. The boxes are set as they are but we are confident there is something in the box for everyone.  We always welcome suggestions for things you may like to see though. Keep checking, more boxes will be coming!