What a find!! I had literally been searching for weeks online to find a store just like My Party Saver.  I loved the idea of offering flip flops at my wedding (as I've had several friends who did it and they were big hits) but they all went the DIY route.  I don't have DIY time and couldn't have been happier to find a company who did it all for me.  I was pleased with the presentation of the flip flops when they arrived and they were really comfy.  My guests loved them and I pointed them right to My Party Saver.  Thanks guys! Maria T., Greenwich, Connecticut

THANK YOU MPS!  You literally saved my party.  We decided to add welcome boxes at the last minute and wanted to save money and just do it ourselves.  Well, that was until we realized how much running around it would take.  Gable boxes are not the easiest to come by and then buying the content meant going to multiple stores, then the was all very overwhelming and time was something I was running short on.  Not to mention, it was not cheap! My friend recommended My Party Saver as she used them for her wedding and loved them.  I know the site says 4 to 6 weeks but when they say they will work with you, they really will!  I got 50 welcome boxes delivered to me in 2 weeks and just in time for the wedding!  They even agreed to ship the boxes directly to the hotel so I didn't have to lug them from home.Marsha W., New York, New York

A great one stop shop for event hosts and planners!  I have been planning weddings and events for over 20 years and have a steady flow of clients who want to offer flip flops for their guests or welcome boxes which means, usually, I have to run around to make it happen.  An emphasis on running.  These items are not the easiest to come by without breaking the bank (think standing on Old Navy lines for hours just to try to catch the $1 sale, which by the time I made it on line for the 5th time, the colors and sizes left are the ones no one wants or that match with nothing!).  When I stumbled upon this site, after emailing with them a few times, I knew this was a gem and it would the beginning of a great relationship.  No regrets so far.  They have fulfilled several orders for me and my clients have been happy each time.  In fact, they made me look great at my last event! I suggested to a beach bride she offer pashminas to keep her guests warm.  It gets a little chilly when the sun goes down with the breeze and all.  She accepted my suggestion and the guests loved it.  Not everyone remembers to pack a wrap! Alison P., Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Presentation presentation presentation!  All my daughters guests at her Spring Sweet 16 LOVED the flip flops, including her grandmothers and teachers who came.  Several mothers came up to me afterwards asking me where I got the idea and how much it cost because it "looks like a lot".  The best part of getting the package in the first place was the cool box they arrived in.  Another cool thing was when my daughter came home from school the following Monday excited that many of her classmates were reusing the organza bag the flips flops came in to bring their lunch in, to hold their keys or to hold their pens and markers.  Nice to see even the bags are reusable.  Thanks MPS!  Ashley J., Brooklyn, New York
Seriously, when I got the blue box in the mail I was super excited!  It's just a very cute design and made me feel like I was getting something very special.  Even my neighbors thought it was cool as we rode the elevator together.  When I opened the package it was just like the website!  The flip flops came individually in the organza bag with a small bow on each.  The basket that came with it was a nice touch!  Organza bags actually stayed in good condition while being shipped and I just put them into the basket and off they went to the wedding.  Heads up the basket only holds 25 flips so if you don't want to constantly be refilling them through the night, buy 2, its easier to fill and just leave. Too bad no sign to go with the flip flops but I hear they may be coming in the future.  Hope so! Bobbi T., Boston, Massachusetts