Classic White Flip Flop with Lavender Organza Bags

A soft Lavender accents this White combination. Perfect for beach and outdoor events.
The flip flop in the organza bag has no logos, stamps or marks of any kind.  All orders are given the white glove service.  Literally.  Gloves.  Each bagged ribbon is hand tied and each order is made to order!
Bonus!  Each flip flop comes with a customizable size tag.  In addition to the size of the flip flop there is a space for either a hashtag or a short message to your guests. Visit our Sample Tag Gallery for some quick suggestions. See something you like? Simply refer to the drop down box and let us know.
And, it gets better!  For every 25 flip flops ordered a complimentary display basket is provided.
Want to customize your size order?  No problem!  Simply tell us how many of each size you want below - and they're yours.  Only catch?  The Quantity has to be at least 25.  (Don't forget to manually increase the Quantity total :-)
Don't know how many you want?  No worries.  A standard order provides equal mediums and larges and a bit less smalls.

   Minimum Total Quantity:  25


Bonus! Orders of 100 or More Flip Flops Receive a 10% Discount. Email or Use our Live Chat Feature to get the Code! 

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